4 Must-Visit Hiking Areas in Central North Carolina

North Carolina is a nature-lovers paradise, and central North Carolina is no exception. From the dense forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the rolling hills of the Piedmont region, there are plenty of stunning spots to explore. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at four must-visit hiking areas in central North Carolina. So grab your hiking boots, pack your lunch, and let’s go!

Mount Mitchell Trail

This trail takes you up to the highest peak east of the Mississippi River—Mount Mitchell. It’s an 11.7 mile loop trail with a moderate difficulty level that starts from the Mount Mitchell State Park office. The hike takes you through dense forests and past breathtaking mountain views. The best time to hike this trail is during spring or summer when wildflowers are in bloom and temperatures are milder.

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain is one of North Carolina’s most iconic peaks, standing at 5,964 feet tall above sea level. There are several trails on Grandfather Mountain that cater to different levels of difficulty—so whether you’re an experienced hiker or just getting started with outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone here! Be sure to bring plenty of water and watch out for the wildlife while you explore this picturesque area of central NC.

Linville Gorge Wilderness Area

This 19,000 acre wilderness area offers some amazing views of Linville River Valley as well as plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities! The difficulty level varies based on which trail you choose—there are beginner-level hikes as well as more advanced ones that require more experience and skill (e.g., rock climbing). Don’t forget your camera because this place has some incredible vistas!

Uwharrie National Forest

Uwharrie National Forest is located in Montgomery County and offers 50 miles worth of hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult levels. It’s a great spot for camping too; it has everything from primitive campsites to RV hookups available for rent!. No matter what level hiker you are, Uwharrie National Forest has something for everyone; so don’t miss out on all this natural beauty!

Central North Carolina is full of wonderful nature spots perfect for hiking and camping trips alike! Whether you’re looking for an easy day hike or a challenging multi-day trek into the wilderness, these four trails can provide it all! With their varied terrain and varying degrees of difficulty they offer something for everyone—so get out there and let nature show off its beauty! Just remember to take plenty of photos along the way so that you can share your adventures with friends back home!






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